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Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley*


From Booklist
Readers and writers can't let go of literary maven Jane Austen. In this latest addition to the canon of continuations featuring reticent yet passionate Mr. Darcy and his wife, the spirited Elizabeth, the happy couple is enjoying their new twin infants, their abundant estates, and their lust for each other.


In the first chapter alone, the author goes to great lengths, using the most civilized language, to describe Darcy's, well, length and his pent-up desire for his buxom spouse. Therein lays the plot, thin but entertaining, yet written with such mirth that readers won't care. Enticing back stories have been crafted for characters old and new. Shrewd villainess Lady de Bourgh and degenerate dilettante Wickham reappear to meddle in the lives of the happy couple.


Although the florid prose is packed with the historical details, descriptions, and familiar characters fans appreciate, the plot trots along at a good pace. A frothy historical dessert following a meaty entree of a classic, suitable for fans of Regency romance who don't mind a little spice.

Kaite Mediatore



Review for The Ruling Passion From Austenprose.com

Best-selling author Linda Berdoll’s Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife and Darcy & Elizabeth have been hailed as “sexy, hilarious, poignant” and “wild, bawdy and utterly enjoyable (Booklist.)” The Ruling Passion, her highly anticipated sequel to the sequels, has finally come to fruition... If your sensibilities are offended by explicit, passionate love scenes with Jane Austen’s original namesakes, this is presumably NOT the book for you.  However, those who delight in reading about the Darcys beyond Pride and Prejudice, including all their complexities, and intimacies, (in and around the bedroom), and most particularly if you are a fan of Berdoll’s previous works, The Ruling Passion is not to be missed!  Yes, hold on to your bonnets as Linda Berdoll has quite done it again. Christina Boyd 4.5 of 5 stars



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